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16 Adenta Community Teams To Participate In Akyire-Ba BusinessGroups Gala Competition

Akyire- Ba Gala Football Competition KAFUISPOT

Organizers of Akyire-Ba Business Gala Competition have announced the date for the commencement of this year’s Adenta Gala Competition .

The grassroot Gala Football Competition is scheduled to take place on the 15th to 16th, July 2023 at the Atenta Community School Pack.

For this years edition, the number of partipants have increased to 16 teams as compared to 14 teams last year.

The tournament is organized with the vision of equiping underserved pre-teens with the core values, knowledge and skills neded to acknowledge their full potential as future leaders.

last week the draw to pair the participating teams were done at an event by  Akyire-Ba Business Group Executives .

Speaking at the events , DANIEL OKYIRE BLANKSON, CEO and Founder of Akyire-Ba Group Limited, said the increase in the number of participants shows the youth exitments to participate.

” Primarily this competitions is talent development for ‘ at-risk’ the youth who should be engaged positively. Last year , we hosted more youth who went home existed. it truely take a village to make  a city a better place and we are interested in imapcting the youth through football.

The grassroot Gala Competition is supported by SamBoad Business Group Limited, Liz- Rich, Field Media, Sky Water, Mr Candy Ghana,Akyire Ba Catering, eufold soccer foundation , power acts,odaseni signatures,and many others.


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