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AAA Genard Foundation Promote Information Literacy on Anopheles Stephensi In Ghana

AAA Genvad Foundation on education literacy on Anpheles shephesi

AAA Genvad Foundation organized an education literacy on the new mosquito breed in Ghana, the  ” Anopheles Stephensi” at the Queen Elizabeth II Foundation school in Accra today.  The Purpose of the information literacy  is to set the minds of student prepared for the consequence of poor hygiene as its constitute to the  breed and diffusion of this new variant .


According to the Health Professional , Rabiatu Afariwaa Asare -Mintah ” all kids are to help keep their houses clean , cover clean water and dispose all unclean water and containers at home to prevent Anopheles Stephensi form breeding around”.

The danger here is that, there is no medication present in the country to treat illness or type of malaria related to the new variant . It is therefore important to keep your surrounding clean and sleep in mosquito nets.

AAA Genvad Foundation in its efforts shared mosquito nets to all students and teaching body of Queen Elizabeth II Foundation  School. This initiative aligns in the mission of the Foundation thus to safeguard the life of the young ones and sustain environment and social growth.

This is the first time Ghana has discovered the new breed of this variant and records show that they can be found in Dansoman and Tuba , in the capital Accra.

Anopheles Stephensi  first overrun Africa in 2019, in countries like Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan and Nigeria but recently , March 2023 precisely the new variant  invaded Asia and Ghana. This cannot be over looked and must be dealt with.


  • They spread very fast
  • Survive in extremely high temperature
  • Adapt to different climates
  • Resistant to most insecticide


  • Removal of water collection points in and around homes and communities to minimize  breeding sites
  • Avoiding mosquito bites by using insecticide-treated mosquito nets
  • Encouraging residents to remove water collection points close to their homes
  • Remove stagnant waters  as a measure to boost prevention


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