Aubrey Edmund Odamtey: The Man Changing The Odds In Agriculture In Ghana

The Man Changing The Odds In Agriculture In Ghana, Mr Odametey - Kafui's Spot

Aubrey Edmund Odamtey: The livelihood of all depends on agriculture and it takes a few brave people to climb the leather of constantly creating change despite the struggle. Mr Odametey Aubrey Edmund (Patapan) is an Agriculturalist in Ghana and an award-winning Best Youth Farmer in the year 2021 has continously has an impact in the Agricultural space. He was born at -Ridge hospital Accra, Ghana to Mr Frederick Ed Odametey and Millicent Odametey and is the second of 3 siblings.

Aubrey Edmund Odamtey started his basic level of education at Harrow International school, Abeka, then to Abuakwa State College, Kibi from the year 2006-2009 to study general arts, and did his diploma in Communications (Journalism) at the Ghana Institute of Journalism(GIJ) from 2010-2012.


According to him ” A friend who had a lot of faith in my ability to communicate, and my general interpersonal skills asked that I tag along as one of his supervisors on a 7-acre onion production project at Afram Plains in the Eastern Region in May 2017. As the project went on, I found myself feeling like a novice since I had no experience at all in farming yet had to manage and give directives to farm-hands”.


” Subsequently I began learning from the more experienced farm hands, and as time went on, found myself wanting to be more than just the supervisor I was hired to be. The onion project ended but at this point I had already fallen so much in love with the work that I stayed behind an extra year- learning to cultivate cucumbers, water melons, chilli pepper, and okro in that period”.

” With the little crop production experience I had garnered from that trip to the Afram Plains, I started researching more about agriculture in general when I came back to Accra. I also started attending occasional workshops organised by the Okai-Koi North Municipal Assembly Agric Office, and then applied to the Livestock Breeding Station, Tema where for three months, I got training in poultry, grasscutter, rabbit, and pig production”.

Some challenges along my journey include high costs of production, exploitation by middle men, climate change which makes it difficult to predict weather patterns and inadequate space. any challenge is self financing and woukd be glad to have sponsors at hand.

The therapy that comes with working with plants and animals, the satisfaction of being able to grow what i eat and also produce for others, the opportunity it offers me to be self-employed is what grows my passion for the job day in and day out.

The Moment I Wanted To Called It Quit.

“Sure, there was a time i wanted to quit. This was when I lost nearly 50 rabbits in my first production in 2020, it really hit me but the courage to continue is never regretted

I am located at Abeka, Accra and i specialize in Animal, backyard gardening, fishery( catfish). At the moment I own some amount of catfish , ducks, free-range chicken, bell pepper, cucumber, okra, tomatoes and cassava .

future Goals

In the next five years, Aubrey wants to be operating large scale on a minimum 10 acre land space helping address food shortage in Ghana, and directly or indirectly employing at least 50 people and having dedicated sponsorship.


Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority NASPA Awards Night: 2013 Best National Service Personnel, Public Relations & Marketing Department.

Okai-Koi North Municipal Assembly Famers’ Day Awards: 2021 Best Youth Farmer

Aubrey is currently the founder and CEO of The Straw Shed, a show on social media that deals with everything agriculture from inception, is focused on education the youth who are passionate about entering the agriculture space and also teach them about ways to start production.


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