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Berekum Chelsea FC Affiliates with Berry Ladies Football Club as their Men’s Team

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Berry Ladies Football Club have officially joined forces with Berekum Chelsea Football Club in a move that will see them become an important and sustainable part of both Men and Women’s Football in Ghana.

The move will have an immediate and positive impact on the operations and profile of both teams, with them set to play regularly at the Premier Level for both Men and Women Stage.

It’s now Berekum Chelsea club’s ambition that Berry Ladies Football Club will become the destination for the women’s game in Ghana, inspiring every girl to take up the sport and driving performance to progress through leagues and tournaments.

Both clubs will also look to grow their fanbases as well as generate new sponsorship opportunities and funding to transform their games in Ghana, propelling the teams to future success both on and off the pitch.

Following confirmation of the move, Berry Ladies Football Club Co-Owner, Mrs. Gifty Oware-Mensah, said: “By joining forces and working closely together, Berry Ladies Football Club will have a solid foundation to build for the future.

“With the growth of the female game globally, Berry Ladies FC have the chance to become a leading-light for women’s football in Ghana.

“The backing of the men’s team and an aligned approach to club leadership will provide new resources to the women’s team and offer a platform for growth and success for the team on and off the pitch.

Berry Ladies Football Club’s General Manager, Victor Elias, commented: “There has never been a better time to get behind and support women’s football.


“It’s incredibly valuable for any progressive, forward-thinking club to support women’s team, and this move demonstrates a sustainable and well-placed backing.

Berekum Chelsea Football Club’s CEO, Nana Oduro Sarfo, said: “This move is something we’ve been striving towards for many months, so we’re absolutely delighted the football club has committed to the growth and development of women’s football in the town.

“Gifty and I have been instrumental in getting this move across the line, and our passion for developing the women’s game shines through.

“By working together. It sends a clear and powerful message to the coaches and players at the club.

“For the first time, we have an opportunity to break down the barriers for the best female footballing talent in Ghana to come and play for us as our female club, as well as nurturing our both men and woman players pathway from our development and squads.”

Nana Oduro Sarfo, added: “Working in a united and aligned way across the football clubs is game-changing for the women’s game here.

“It provides a platform for our teams to lead the way in women’s football in Ghana as well, and the future looks incredibly bright.”

We hope all of you, as dedicated and passionate fans of Berry Ladies Football Club and Berekum Chelsea Football Club, are excited by these developments, and there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in supporting both our men’s and women’s team.

Your backing will always be welcomed, and we can’t wait to see you cheering on the team at our home venues as we embark on a new era for the clubs.



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