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Berry Ladies Football Club Winger Jacqueline Amponsah Gets a Call Up To Black Princess

Berry Ladies Football Club Winger Jacqueline Amponsah

Berry Ladies fc Winger Jacqueline Amponsah gets a call up to the first batch training squad of the National Team Black Princesses for WADU B Tournament.

Jacqueline Amponsah is a product of Valued Girls football academy and has gracefully been groomed by Berry ladies fc as she now plays in the 2022/2023 Ghana Women Premier League. She has two goals to her disposal and has induced lots of penalties for Berry ladies , due to her quick run and pace hence nicknamed the wind.

Jacqueline has lots of potential and the team believes she will do great at camp and in the National team. she possesses strength in freekick , penalty shoot out, has quick pace and thorough pass accuracy. she has about 20 and more appearance with Berry ladies fc both for premier League and friendly games. She is known for the jersey number 7.

Jacqueline has played with the likes of Cynthia B-Yiadom, Martha Appiah, Doris Boaduwaa etc. she has been consistant in matches against Ridge City FC, Hasaaccas ladies, Essiam Socrates, Ladies Strikers, Army Ladies and Thunder Queens fc.


follower her on twitter @jackie_amponsah facebook Jackie Amponsah

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