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Betway/GFA organizes Leadership And Development Programe For clubs -Ghana Women Premier League


Betway in collaboration with the Ghana Football Association organized a Capacity Building workshop for stakeholders in Ghana Women Premier League yesterday at the Movenpick Hotel. The meeting saw two holding as the southern zone clubs were represented in Accra and the Northern Zone Clubs were represented in Kumasi.

The Ghana Women Premier League Leadership and Development Program was themed Governance and Operations, with the moderators giving essential knowledge to clubs representatives.

In developing effective stakeholder engagement, there is a need to have effective communication, focus on transparency, build trust, credibility and encourage stakeholder feedback. It is important to have a communication plan as a club. There is a need for a successful metric, embrace technology, conduct regular review and continuously improve with new engagement strategies .

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The basic framework for developing effective stakeholder management include effective communication, constant engagement, monitoring , analyzing and identifying stakeholder needs. Stakeholders includes playing body, referees, coaches etc.


There is a need for all club for be properly license and follow all requirement from the regulatory body GFA, to prevent sanctions in the future. it is advisable to have at least one individual with adequate knowledge in licensing in your team to deals with all issues pertaining to that.


It is essential to have a copy of the CAF Club Licensing Regulatory Framework Framework(2022) and women’s continental club licensing criteria which focuses on medical care of player, player and child protection and stadium availability and requirement.

GFA Secretary Mr Prosper Harrison Addo in his presentation emphasized on the need for a competitive league without any misconduct. The core values of football must be recognized, and applied . They are friendly relations ,human right and equality, neutrality, team work , integrity, transparency, accountability and good governance.


There is a need to hold the strategic pillars firmly, they include improved infrastructure, capacity building, improvement in it system, bring the love of the game and having improved competitions from grassroot to youth football to elite level.


What is the vision for your club moving forward? how do you intend to achieve it ?


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