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Ghana: Hearty Delight Foods Introduces Hearty Yogurt

Hearty Delight Foods

Accra, Ghana//- Hearty Delight Foods, a leading Ghanaian company has introduced different flavours of yogurt products onto the Ghanaian market called “Hearty Yogurt”

The Founder of Hearty Delight Foods, Matilda Akosua Boahemaa said: “Our food products are designed for individuals, small to medium size companies willing to optimise and boost their performance”.

Hearty Delight Foods is a nutrition and Health Brand under Papakye Ventures. It started with healthy food services and evolved into a yoghurt manufacturing company because of the high demand for the freshly prepared yogurt category of their products, she explained.

“Our philosophy and fundamental purpose are to make the future better and worth living by building a first-class organization that caters for our people, our customers and the world through quality health and nutrition”.

Matilda Akosua Boahemaa also disclosed that the company currently makes diary and non-diary yogurts for the Ghanaian market.

Hearty Delight Foods
Hearty Yogurts

She mentioned the categories which include plain dairy yogurt (Hearty Yogurt brand). All these according to her come with different flavoring like Strawberry, Vanilla, among others. These are nicely packaged for convenience in both 330mls and two litres and can be ordered online.

IMG 20221021 WA0015
Hearty yogurt

These yogurts provide fiber that promotes efficient digestion that normalises bowel movements; helps maintain bowel health, lowers cholesterol levels and control blood sugar levels. It also aids in achieving healthy weight, Madam Boahemaa said.

She was quick to add: “All our products contain probiotics. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help prevent and treat some illnesses promoting a healthy gut and immune system.

Per order, we can also make non-dairy products formulated to help vegans and vegetarians”.

Papakye Ventures, the umbrella of Hearty Delight Foods is built on the philosophy of building a first-class organization that caters for the world through quality health and nutrition, she noted.

“We have plans to develop quality diary and non-products at lower price points to meet the needs of the malnourished in Ghana. This we believe will be more feasible as we develop new market in Ghana”.

Hearty Delight Foods is currently not in the international market. There are more opportunities to exploits locally and we want to ensure that we meet local demands before going international.

We don’t want to run faster than our strength and disappoint internal partners, but we are walking diligently to get there”.

We are sure to speed up when we develop the muscle to get there soon. We are not in haste because we believe we are doing the right thing and have the support of the almighty, according to the founder.

“We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone’s life through healthy foods products.


We build great food products to solve your business and individual problems.

We want Hearty Delight Foods to build one of the best-in-class manufacturing facilities in Ghana. We also want to excel in business excellence and built a profitable company that is not only interested in making money but creating value for all stakeholders especially for our communities we work with”.

We also want to see ourselves as a company doing business beyond the borders of Ghana and the West African Sub region”

Source: African Eye Report


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