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Ghanaian Pidgin English Now Available On Wikipedia


Ghanaian Pidgin, also known as Kru Brofo, is now the sixth Ghanaian language to be oficially approved by Wikipedia, giving the direction of an inclusive language for all to channel reagdless of one native language.

Wikipedia, a globally curated and freely accessible encyclopedia hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, now rembraces  the inclusion of Ghanaian Pidgin.

Among the youth in Ghana and beyoud, Pigin English serves as an informal language among peers, workers and students . It leaves no change of barrier among speakers as the gap of been learned is close.

Its purchase is driven in songs, comedy, movies and is a tool for youth inclusion in some part of the country.After undergoing an incubation stage in the Wikimedia Incubator, the Wikimedia Foundation started the successful transition process on Wednesday, 5th July 2023, and granted the final approval to Ghanaian Pidgin on Saturday, 9th April 2023.

This achievement signifies that speakers of Ghanaian Pidgin can now access and read Wikipedia articles in their language. The Ghanaian Pidgin Wikipedia can be accessed through gpe.wikipedia.org or by utilizing the translation button on the platform.

Ghanaian Pidgin joins other recognized Ghanaian languages such as Dagbani, Twi, Ewe, Fanti, and Gurune on Wikipedia, further highlighting the linguistic diversity of Ghana.

The spearheading of this initiative was led by the Project Lead, Faisal Ali (User: DaSupremo), Co-founder Maxwell Beganim (User: Xibitgh) and co-founder Stephen Dakyi (User: NanaYawBotar) which started in October 2021.

Their efforts have paved the way for the preservation and promotion of Ghanaian Pidgin within the digital space.

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