Meet Samuel Kwame Boadu: The Multi-Talented Digital Marketer

Samuel Kwame Boadu

Samuel Kwame Boadu is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer/Consultant & a Management Catalyst. For the fifth time running, Samuel Kwame Boadu has been receiving nominations as either The Best Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur of the year or Most Promising Entrepreneur, with an estimated net worth of $43,000(2019 according to Crunch base) for His Trademark firm, SamBoad Business Group Limited.

Samuel Kwame Boadu is an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer/Consultant & a Management Catalyst. For the fifth time running, Samuel Kwame Boadu has been receiving nominations as either The Best Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur of the year or Most Promising Entrepreneur, with an estimated net worth of $43,000 (2019 according to Crunch base) for His Trademark firm, SamBoad Business Group Limited.

The business empire he began to build since 2014, SamBoad Business Group LLC, is one of the most promising service providing Firms in Ghana as well as one of the most valued and talked about firm.

Shortly after graduating from college and serving his nation, Samuel Kwame Boadu used savings of His National Service allowances to start his vision in Ghana, his native country.

His business venture quickly became a success, and as a result, he managed to operate and diversify into other service providing businesses. Ultimately, Samuel Kwame Boadu was able to turn his allowances into a soon to be multimillion-dollar company.

Samuel K Boadu also consults for over 300 startups and 5 top firms in Ghana in the areas of Management, Digital Marketing and Branding reporting quarterly revenue generation of about $4,500 which is handled by a department of SamBoad Business Group Limited named SamBoad Media Consult. In 2020 SamBoad Business Group reported net worth of $44,000 in assets and cash operation.

Samuel Kwame Boadu

Early Life and Education

Born in 1989, Samuel Kwame Boadu grew up with three brothers, Kwaku Ohene Boadu, Nana Darkwa Boadu and Jamil Yaw Boadu in an entrepreneurial household in Accra Ghana. He was raised Muslim and Christian way by His Dad who joined Islam because of His best friend but later converted back to Christianity when his friend passed on.

Samuel Kwame Boadu’s mum also attended Pentecost. Samuel’s Father, Mr. Paa Kwesi Boadu was a professional driver who managed his own vehicle and Mum, Akosua Twumwaa Botwe, a petty trader who moved from one African Country to the other to buy cloths and shoes to sell at Makola, Accra.

Both Parents made money by being entrepreneurs whiles working for others.Samuel Kwame Boadu Attended his Secondary School(Senior High School) at Pope John Secondary School, Koforidua

Samuel Kwame Boadu

Having spent much of his childhood with his mother because the Dad was mostly out of the City, Samuel Kwame Boadu quickly became interested in the world of business, and was heard once saying, “I can remember when I was in Junior High school, I would go and buy pens and place them in my bag just incase one needs a pen and I will just sell it to my colleagues.

Market wasn’t good so I will be the one to steal your pen, throw them away and sell a new one to you the next day, He jokingly said. I was so interested in business, even at that time.”

Between ages 21 – 25, Samuel Kwame Boadu read Human Resource Management with Association of Business Executives (ABE), UK from Zenith University College. It was there the budding entrepreneur furthered his education in business. At the University Level, Samuel Kwame Boadu was selling scratch cards and phones to some of his colleagues.

He would take your laptop for a fee to repair them for you or help swap your phone if one needed a phone upgrade. He was mostly called a “Millionaires Consultant” by some of his colleagues.

Key Points In Achievements and Awards

  • Samuel Kwame Boadu was contracted by UNICAF as a Student Consultant and has processed over 240 students under the UNICAF Partial Scholarship in Africa.
  • He won the Entrepreneur of the year 2020 at the Bizz Awards by World Confederation of Businesses, Business Excellence Certificate organized in Texas, USA.
  • Samuel Kwame Boadu is a 5-time nominee for Male Entrepreneur of the year in Ghana for 40 under 40 awards, Young Achievers Awards etc.
  • He was also featured on Yahoo lifestyle, Thrive Global, Influencive, Disruptive Magazine, Zee5, Verna Magazine, and Vents Magazine etc. as an entrepreneur with more than 10 years of working experience in Digital Marketing, Business Management, Educational Consult and Entrepreneurship in Ghana.

Going the Extra Mile

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Samuel Kwame Boadu realized that acting, as a middleman for companies and individuals was a very costly and risky endeavor especially when sources decide to act another way (run away with customers money).

Samuel also Knew he needed capital to pump into his vision so he went back to work an 8-5 job whiles building his empire. He worked and consulted for Firms like Beige Capital (now CBG), Dalex Finance (Loans Department), Uniagents (Contract to recruit students), Freights Masters Shipping Agency and Unicaf (Helping with Partial Scholarships). His journey to work whiles bootstrapping his vision was something he needed to build his firm.

After years of working and building, Samuel Kwame Boadu and his SamBoad Media Consult Team, a new department he formed was awarded contracts with Priority Insurance Company Limited, Coco Vanilla Restaurant, The Luxe Lounge & Garden, The Honeysuckle Restaurant and other 30 small businesses.

Samuel Kwame Boadu significantly expanded the operations of the company in 2020 and upgraded the SamBoad Ventures to SamBoad Business Group Limited, making it a Limited liability Company with his brother owning 10% shares whiles he owned 90% shares combining all the services into one hoping to build a conglomerate soon.

Each of his divisions has since been separated into Departments, operating under SamBoad Business Group LLC but different Teams: SamBoad Business Consult, SamBoad Micro-credit Services, SamBoad Media Consult, SamBoad Express, JamBoad and SamBoad Travel & Educational Consult.

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Expanding the Empire

Samuel Kwame Boadu has always reinvested the majority of his profits back into his businesses—one reason the company has grown so much since its inception.

During an interview at TVXYZ, Samuel Kwame Boadu explained, ‘‘We [SamBoad Business Group Limited] are not doing like other Africans who keep most of their money in the bank. We do not keep money in the bank.

We fully invest whatever we have and we keep on investing into other departments whiles we continue to create jobs. Until I see a lot of people getting employed through SamBoad, I will buy more assets to run the business than buy a vehicle to live lavish lifestyle’’

Unlike many wealthy Ghanaians who made their fortune in oil, real estate etc., Samuel Kwame Boadu initially chose to go down a different path, but he has since entered the service providing, media and logistics industry.

Notably, SamBoad Foundation began partnering with GirlyTech to help young girls learn more about STEM, Leela’s Foundation to help build schools in rural communities and the SamBoad “Think Beyond your Qualification” Initiative that helped train over 1000 students in a “Senior High School Tour”



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