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Russo shares diet struggles that left her ‘not strong enough to compete’

Russo shares diet struggles KAFUISPOT

England forward Alessia Russo felt she was not strong enough to play football at the highest level after losing weight during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 24-year-old is set to play a key part for the Lionesses at this summer’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

However, in an interview with Women’s Health magazine, the former Manchester United player opened up about her “low point” after losing weight using a calorie-counting app.

She told Women’s Health: “In lockdown, it was tough. I was training on my own, I was home and I lost quite a bit of weight. Then I signed for Man United soon after lockdown.

Russo shares diet struggles that left her 'not strong enough to compete' KAFUISPOT
Russo shares diet struggles that left her ‘not strong enough to compete’ KAFUISPOT

“And within about six weeks, I completely tore my hamstring, (which I) could only relate back to losing a lot of weight because I’ve never had a muscle injury before.”

Russo, who scored four goals in England’s victorious European Championship campaign last summer, revealed she would track calories and macros on an app.

She said: “I wanted to make sure I hit (my numbers) really, but it was also about really low calories

“So (my diet) was high protein, but I was sacrificing all the carbs and the fats… and then that would be my calories for the day.

“I used to track everything (on an app). I know some people still use (it), but…I was at a low point with my food and with my weight.

“I wasn’t strong enough. I wasn’t robust. I thought I looked great… but really, on the football pitch, I wasn’t strong enough to compete.”


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