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SYND organizes a workshop on harnessing opportunities for Influencing Multilateral Development Banks(MDBs)

SYND organized a capacity building workshop on harnessing opportunities with Multilateral Development Banks

The Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND) organized a capacity training workshop for members of ACCESS Coalition in West African on how to harness opportunities for influencing Multilateral Development Banks(MDBs) specially World Bank and African Development Bank on 15th September, 2023 at Miklin Hotel, East legon.

As the West African Node, SYND invited diverse participants for the  workshop . Representatives at the workshop  were from different regions in Ghana and other countries like  Kenya and Nigeria.

In the the quest to educate and clarify the gaps on the needs of these members, a needs assessment findings was presented by the Head of Energy Access of SYND, Priscilla Adogo Ahida. Findings on the needs assessment clearly states that members wish to be educated on areas like clean cooking, energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate finance.

Multilateral Development Banks are international financial institutions  established with the goal of promoting economic growth in less developed countries. Infrastructure, energy, education, and environmental sustainability are all supported and funded  by MDBs in developing nations. These include developing policy, advocating, fostering collaboration, doing research, and data-driven methodologies. According to her, MDBs are banks that offer grants, loans, and technical assistance to support economic and social projects all over the world.

In other to harness these opportunities, participants are to constantly follow the plan and activities MDBs specially African Development Bank and World Bank on their website to gain updates and the needed information on ongoing projects and projects.



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