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SYND Organizes Youth Dialogue On Natural Resource and Environmental Goverance


The Strategic Youth Network For Development(SYND) organized a youth dialogue series on experts on Natural Resource and Environmental Governance at Miklin Hotel on 31st May,2023.

The event brought together young leaders, environmental activists, and experts to discuss crucial issues related to the sustainable management of natural resources and the importance of effective environmental governance. Representatives present included various noble institutions such as Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), University of Ghana (UG), etc Focusing on  Fisheries, Forestry, Biodiversity, Water and sanitation and other relevant key areas .


The event saw four graced speakers, Mr Albert Katoko who is a civil Reponsant, Dr Andrews Agyekum a UG lecturer, Mrs Basilia Nanbigne and Mr Kojo Kyei Yamoh who  explained and educated students on topics of disussion at hand .

In an opening address by the Lead Coordinator of the SYND, Ezekiel Chibeze , he emphazed on the “need for young people to be engaged in the governance and resource sector. Young people ought to the involve in decision making process  and the best way is for them to find passion in Environmental issues at hand”.

Prominent environmental experts and thought leaders delivered keynote speeches, shedding light on the current state of natural resources, the impact of human activities on the environment, and the urgent need for sustainable practices. They underscored the role of the youth in driving positive change and urged them to take active roles in environmental conservation efforts.


Mr Kyei Yamoah of Fisheries Alliance stated that” as young people , there is a need to always looks out to problem in the community to solve, by solving problems you create change, employment and environmental sustainability”.

To create fishing sustainability there is a need for right processing and production participation. Post harvest loss treatment and management, technology and communication experts are all a major concern in fishing.

Interactive panel discussions followed the keynote speeches, providing an opportunity for participants to delve deeper into specific issues and propose practical solutions. The engaging conversations revolved around the importance of community involvement, technological innovations, policy reforms, and international collaborations in achieving sustainable resource management and environmental governance.

SYND’s commitment to engaging the youth in environmental dialogue is commendable. By harnessing the enthusiasm, creativity, and determination of young people, they are building a generation of leaders who understand the importance of sustainable development and are equipped to address the challenges that lie ahead.

As we face the increasing urgency of environmental issues, initiatives like the Youth Dialogue on Natural Resources and Environmental Governance are vital in creating awareness, inspiring action, and fostering collaboration. It is through such events that we can nurture the next generation of environmental champions and work towards a more sustainable and resilient planet.


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